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Visitor Management Suite, Version 4.0

LobbyWorks® Visitor Management System
LobbyWorks® Visitor Management Suite, Version 4.1


The LobbyWorks Visitor Management Suite enhances your investment in access control and perimeter security by providing a simple and effective way to register, badge and track visitors. It gives you the ability to generate detailed visitor traffic reports and enforce visitor/contractor security policies.

Power and flexibility make LobbyWorks a natural fit for small single-site deployments using the Express Edition or regional WAN-based network deployments using the Premier Edition. System offerings allow you to tailor your visitor management system to best meet your needs.
• Front Desk – register and track visitors
• Reporter – generate reports
• Administrator – control security policies
• Scheduler – coordinate and execute automation activities
• Badge Pre-print – pre-prints badges

The Premier Edition supports optional add-ons as your system grows.
• LobbyWorks Kiosk – self-registration station for visitors
• LobbyWorks Web Center – employees pre-register visitors
• Notify – host notification upon visitor’s arrival

Visitor registration is quick and simple and can be performed either at a guard station or using an optional self-registration kiosk. LobbyWorks scans the photo ID or business card of an arriving visitor, then instantly checks whether the visitor is expected or has been in the facility before and makes sure the visitor is not on a watch list. These quick and consistent checks ensure that only the right people are allowed on site. After scanning the information, LobbyWorks takes a digital photo or captures the visitor's signature.

LobbyWorks can automatically contact the visitor’s host by email or with real time network messaging to announce the visit. Once the visitor is registered, an individualized badge is generated. Specific visit restrictions may be set, such as clearance level, access area or visit expiry time.

At the end of the visit, LobbyWorks signs out the visitor. If the visitor does not sign out, LobbyWorks can contact the host to check if the visitor has left the site.

This simple yet powerful visitor registration process forms the basis of a very powerful security platform. Registering all visitors through LobbyWorks ensures that you have a centralized and complete record of your visitor traffic, strengthens visitor security, and improves productivity and service to your customers.



  • Entry into system by lobby receptionist
  • Outlook® vCalendar integration via POP31
  • Web Center add-on for pre-registration by hosts1, 2
  • Bar code on email pre-registration notification sent to visitor can be scanned at the kiosk for fast processing


  • Process most visitors in 20 seconds or less
  • Capture visitor’s photo and/or signature
  • Scan arriving visitor’s photo ID or business card
  • Print professional color visitor passes with expiration date, visit area, host, and purpose of visit
  • Issue Pro-Watch® access control raids

Host list

  • Entry into system by administrator or lobby receptionist
  • Integration with Active Directory1
  • Integration with Pro-Watch

1Premier Edition only
2Sold separately

Features Express Edition Premier Edition
Registration X X
Tracking X X
Badging/photos X X
Watch list X X
Business card & driver license scanners X X
Signature image capture X X
Group registration X X
Badge pre-print X X
Multiple workstations   X
Outlook or Active Directory integration   X
Asset tracking   X
Delivery tracking   X
Pro-Watch integration   Optional

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
LobbyWorks® Data Sheet 768.54 KB 03/18/14
Brochure / Sales Material
LobbyWorks® Brochure 176.19 KB 03/16/11
LobbyWorks Release 4.0 - Administrator's Installation and Configuration Guide 5.32 MB 05/31/11
LobbyWorks Release 4.0 - Front Desk User's Guide 2.21 MB 05/31/11
LobbyWorks® 4.0 – Scanning Business Cards, Driver Licenses and IDs 41.43 KB 05/31/11
Your Lobby is Your First Line of Defense 79.92 KB 05/31/11
A&E Specs
LobbyWorks® A&E Specs (pdf) 198.79 KB 03/17/11
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
Software First License
Note: A customer information form must be completed before the order can be processed.
LWVMSEED Express Edition (includes 500 hosts), 1 Front Desk license, 1 Reporter license, Badge Re-print license, Scheduler license, and Administrator license
LWVMSPRE Premier Edition (includes 5,000 hosts), 1 Front Desk license, 1 Reporter license, Badge Re-print license, Scheduler license, and Administrator license
LWVMSDDD Dealer Demo Edition – Restricted license, one year activation subject to factory approval
Software Add-On Licenses for Premier Edition
Note: When ordering add-on licenses or upgrades, you must provide license details of the original license purchase.
LWVMSADD Host license for one host
LWVMSFRD Front Desk license
LWVMSKIO Kiosk license
LWVMSRPR Reporter license
LWVMSWEB Web Center license
LWVMSNOT Notify license
LWVMSEEPR Express Edition to Premier Edition upgrade
Software Maintenance with End User Support
Note: Contact Honeywell 1-800-323-4576 regarding contract requirements for software maintenance.
SSAEULWVMSPRE 1 year maintenance for part LWVMSPRE
SSAEULWVMSADD 1 year maintenance for part LWVMSADD
SSAEULWVMSFRD 1 year maintenance for part LWVMSFRD
SSAEULWVMSKIO 1 year maintenance for part LWVMSKIO
SSAEULWVMSRPR 1 year maintenance for part LWVMSRPR
SSAEULWVMSWEB 1 year maintenance for part LWVMSWEB
SSAEULWVMSNOT 1 year maintenance for part LWVMSNOT
Software Maintenance with Dealer Support
Note: Contact Honeywell 1-800-323-4576 regarding contract requirements for software maintenance.
SSALWVMSPRE 1 year standard SSA for part LWVMSPRE
SSALWVMSADD 1 year standard SSA for part LWVMSADD
SSALWVMSFRD 1 year standard SSA for part LWVMSFRD
SSALWVMSKIO 1 year standard SSA for part LWVMSKIO
SSALWVMSRPR 1 year standard SSA for part LWVMSRPR
SSALWVMSWEB 1 year standard SSA for part LWVMSWEB
SSALWVMSNOT 1 year standard SSA for part LWVMSNOT
LWVMSDLS ScanShell business card and driver license scanner
LWVMSBCSC Compact ScanShell business card scanner
LWVMSDOME Logitech camera
LWVMSBP Dymo LabelWriter 450
LWVMSSIG Topaz SigLight LCD signature pad
LWVMSHUB 4-port USB hub
LWVMSVB Thermal labels for Dymo, 12 rolls of 300 labels each
LWVMSVB2 Thermal labels for Dymo, 2 rolls of 300 labels each
LobbyWorks 3.2 to 4.0 Upgrades
Note: A LobbyWorks 3.2 Licensee may use the following parts to purchase an upgrade for their system.
LWUPGPRE Upgrade base license from LWVMSPRO/LWVMSSTD
LWUPGFRD Upgrade Front Desk from LWVMSSTDCL
LWUPGRPR Upgrade Reporter from LWVMSRPT
LWUPGWEB Upgrade Web Center from LWVMSEBNDL
LWUPGNOT Upgrade Notify from LWVMSCOM
Pro-Watch Connected Systems
Note: Only available through registered Honeywell HIS integrators
PWLW4 Pro-Watch Server 2008 and Windows 7 to LobbyWorks 4 Connector
Barcode Card Readers
BR-7 Infrared barcode swipe reader with Wiegand output
LobbyWorksTM is a trademark of Honeywell International Inc. Intel® is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. Microsoft®, Windows® Server 2003®, Windows® XP, Windows Vista, SQL 2005 Server, SQL 2008 Server, SQL 2005 Server Express Edition, and SQL 2008 Server Express Edition are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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